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Brett Kelly, author of the Evernote Essentials ebook, has owned the “Evernote help” domain for almost as long as Evernote has been around. His Unofficial Evernote manual, Evernote Essentials is the must-have book for squeezing all the power you need out of Evernote. Whether you’re a beginner or an Evernote wizard you must have Evernote essentials, because Brett Kelly knows more than you. That’s why the guys over at Evernote gave him a job in 2010. Brett consulted with them while writing Evernote Essentials. The Evernote brains trust were so impressed with the way in which Brett was able to demystify Evernote in Evernote Essentials and make Evernote’s full power available even to beginners who have never used evernote before.

When the Student is ready, the master appears

Buddhist Proverb

Evernote sucks

I had do my what I can to find the best ways to use Evernote. Tons of people have got hold of me trying to convince me that Evernote sucks or that Evernote is only good for bookmarks or Evernote is no good as an offline tool or that Evernote can’t be used for fitness or goal tracking or capturing reciepts or this or that. I don’t really waste my time responding, the guys complaining that Evernote can’t Manage their projects or park their car for them have missed the point completely. Evernote is simply a productivity tool. A very powerful and flexible tool but a tool nonetheless. I can use the butt of a saw to knock in a nail but it’s probably not the best way to do it. If DevonThink or Springpad or remember the milk works better at certain tasks by all means use them for those things you don’t win any extra points for using Evernote for Everything. (though I’m becoming more and more convinced that you can)

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If you’ve been using Evernote for any length of time, you’ll likely know all about Evernote’s great benefits and ease of capture. With the new year upon us though, most of us have started setting objectives and goals which we’d, with a bit of luck, like to achieve by the end of the year. do it now! It is the best tool to manage you lists.

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Take back your Time

Take back your Time

I find that every week, every day, every hour I have less time, less minutes at my disposal. More and more I find that somewhere during all work and play I’ve lost sight of what is important. Where is the meaning in our lives. When did we stop trying to live meaningfully in the time alloted to us.

I put it to you that the meaning in our lives does not live in the big things the huge projects or enormous undertakings. Rather the meaning is standing in plain sight in all the minutes between this one and the last one you’ll ever see. Tomorrow is nothing, next year even less. Meaning is realizing that we can have 60 memorable moments or one average hour. Meaning is time well used. Meaning is the conversion of time to goals successfully completed, to dreams realized, to relationships cemented. Time spent meaningfully not squandered.

When I find the world is taking from my enjoyment of the universe I fall back on some of these great ways to forget about the lonely hours and scary years and take pleasure in those silly minutes we allow to slip by so recklessly.

Take some time and breath

Take 60 seconds and concentrate on your breathing- Besides the spiritual well being breathing correctly brings, physiologically it’s a great tonic too. As we become more stressed our breathing becomes more and more shallow, hunching our shoulders and limiting the amount of oxygen available to our bodies. You’d think your body knows how to breath properly, and yeah it does but with the the sedentary lifestyle we currently all live we become so accustomed to our stressed state our bodies adapt that as a norm. Want to know how bad it is let’s take a deep breath now forcing as much air into your lungs feeling your chest expand and your diphragm pushed down. Feel how unnatural that feels? That’s the way you’re meant to be breathing. That’s the state every second should find you in. Lungs full, head clear and ready to react. If you can concentrate on breathing correctly for just one minute you’ll immediately find yourself more centred and able enjoy yourself.

Take some time to Rock out!!

Get your favourite song out and play it. Listen to it and don’t do anything else just enjoy all the reasons it’s your favourite take some time and remember those. Maybe it reminds you of your first kiss or that summer that went on forever or perhaps it just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Whatever the reason you’ll find that when you connect with those feelings you make them real again and each time we play that song as background music we kill some of the meaning. If you’re not a music person dig out that painting that makes you want to weep. That poem that makes you laugh or that garfield cartoon you haven’t read in ages and let yourself remember what it felt like the first time you did that. Ok so this one would take a bit longer than 60 seconds sue me!

Rate your coffee

Go now grab a cup of coffee. Start drinking it and try describing it as if you were reviewing it. Are the tastes bold and earthy or bland and lifeless. Be as descriptive as you can don’t use the word nice for goodness sakes. Let your imagination run wild and grab some words from the musty recesses of your mind that you haven’t used in a while and dust them off and shine them up today we’re taking them to town. You can use this for any of thing you currently take for granted even some of those things you currently find distasteful. How about a play by play on the drive home or a review of the last excuse you gave your boss for that late report. The important thing is to take the time to look at something differently. Explaing the mundane moments an you may find that those moments become progressively less mundane.

There are many other ways to kickstart your if this post teaches you anything let it be that your time is as valuable as you make it. If we spend our time waiting for the next hour, day, week or year we lose out on all the things we have the power to do right now. Truly our minds are the most powerful tools we have at our disposal and if we use them we’ll find more and more ways to make our time count.

So how does this fit in with the idea of monetizing our lives? All of the minutes of our lives have value. One cent is only one cent but think of this $100, $1000 or even a $1m dollars is nothing but a collection of cents. When we play fast and loose with those little coins we stop our chances of becoming truly rich. Find more ways to get the most out of those minutes of your life and you’ll soon find that the hours, days and weeks will see to themselves and your life will become progressively richer.

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One of the many pasttimes I took up during the last two years of my transformation has been teaching myself to play the guitar. I am no John Mayer but I think I’ve established a fair degree of proficiency considering the fact that I’ve had very little time to dedicate to my instrument. While I learnt to play the guitar the guitar also taught me some lessons about life. So here are some life lessons from guitarists.

  1. There is no substitute for practice. You need to put the hours in building up those calluses hitting the wrong strings. Until you have you’ll never gain mastery of your instrument. It is said that you need to 10000 hours of practice to attain mastery of any skill. The only way to get there is one hour at a time.
  2. You get what you practice. Make sure that when you’re practicing you’re practicing playing the correct way. Your body doesn’t know the difference between the correct way to play and the incorrect. Avoid shortcuts learn the correct form. Practice using the correct form, pay the price now and you’ll reap the benefits down the line. Similarly in life if you spend your time practicing and focusing on bad behaviors don’t be surprised when you become really good at being bad.
  3. Two hands acting as one. Playing the guitar is a true lesson in synergy neither hand can achieve individually what they can achieve together. Playing with feeling can only happen when your hands move as one. Each knowing the position of the other. There is an economy of movement a grace to the guitarist movement that should be a guide to all of us. The guitarist moves his hands no more than he must to get to the next note. Ensuring that he is able to give voice to each beat and to give each beat life. Live your life this way. The only way to succeed is when you are able to find this inner synergy.
  4. Timing is everything. Playing music is all about keeping time. The guitarist needs keep his playing in time with the rhythm. Within the constraints of the rhythm the guitarist has complete freedom to explore himself within the music. Similarly in life there are immutable laws like timing which we cannot change but we can rule our lives within them if we only open our eyes and ears to see them.
  5. Less Haste and more Speed. The Guitarist like any musician understands that speed is key it’s not about knowing what note to play but rather it’s about knowing when to play what not. Music is a rich tapestry of sound and silence. Knowing when to keep quiet is often as important as knowing when to play. Don’t rush your playing. When you’re truly invested in playing much like when you’re fully invested in living you will feel the urge to hurry along. Resist this urge remember the right note at the wrong time is as destructive as the wrong note at the right time


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