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Brett Kelly, author of Evernote Essentials the unofficial Evernote manual, has owned the “Evernote how-to” domain for nearly as long as Evernote has been around. His Unofficial Evernote manual, Evernote Essentials is the final word for squeezing all the power you need out of Evernote. Whether you’re a newbie or an Evernote expert you must own Evernote essentials, because Brett Kelly knows more than you. That’s why the guys over at Evernote gave him a job in 2010. Brett consulted with them during the writing of Evernote Essentials. The Evernote brains trust were so impressed with the way in which Brett was able to demystify Evernote in Evernote Essentials and make Evernote’s full power available even to novices who have never used evernote before.

When the Student is ready, the master appears

Buddhist Proverb

Evernote sucks

I had do my what I can to find the best ways to use Evernote. Lots of people have got hold of me trying to convince me that Evernote sucks or that Evernote is only good for bookmarks or Evernote is no good as an offline tool or that Evernote can’t be used for fitness or goal tracking or capturing reciepts or this or that. I don’t really waste my time responding, the guys complaining that Evernote can’t Manage their projects or park their car for them have missed the point completely. Evernote is simply a productivity tool. A very powerful and flexible tool but a tool nonetheless. I can use the butt of a saw to knock in a nail but it’s probably not the best way to do it. If DevonThink or Springpad or remember the milk works better at certain tasks by all means use them for those things you don’t win any extra points for using Evernote for Everything. (though I’m becoming more and more convinced that you can)

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If you’ve been using Evernote for any length of time, you’ll most probably know all about Evernote’s great benefits and ease of capture. With the new year upon us though, many of us have started setting objectives and goals which we’d, with a bit of luck, like to achieve this year. do it.

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One of the many pasttimes I took up during the last two years of my transformation has been teaching myself to play the guitar. I am no John Mayer but I think I’ve established a fair degree of proficiency considering the fact that I’ve had very little time to dedicate to my instrument. While I learnt to play the guitar the guitar also taught me some lessons about life. So here are some life lessons from guitarists.


  1. There is no substitute for practice. You need to put the hours in building up those calluses hitting the wrong strings. Until you have you’ll never gain mastery of your instrument. It is said that you need to 10000 hours of practice to attain mastery of any skill. The only way to get there is one hour at a time.
  2. You get what you practice. Make sure that when you’re practicing you’re practicing playing the correct way. Your body doesn’t know the difference between the correct way to play and the incorrect. Avoid shortcuts learn the correct form. Practice using the correct form, pay the price now and you’ll reap the benefits down the line. Similarly in life if you spend your time practicing and focusing on bad behaviors don’t be surprised when you become really good at being bad.
  3. Two hands acting as one. Playing the guitar is a true lesson in synergy neither hand can achieve individually what they can achieve together. Playing with feeling can only happen when your hands move as one. Each knowing the position of the other. There is an economy of movement a grace to the guitarist movement that should be a guide to all of us. The guitarist moves his hands no more than he must to get to the next note. Ensuring that he is able to give voice to each beat and to give each beat life. Live your life this way. The only way to succeed is when you are able to find this inner synergy.
  4. Timing is everything. Playing music is all about keeping time. The guitarist needs keep his playing in time with the rhythm. Within the constraints of the rhythm the guitarist has complete freedom to explore himself within the music. Similarly in life there are immutable laws like timing which we cannot change but we can rule our lives within them if we only open our eyes and ears to see them.
  5. Less Haste and more Speed. The Guitarist like any musician understands that speed is key it’s not about knowing what note to play but rather it’s about knowing when to play what not. Music is a rich tapestry of sound and silence. Knowing when to keep quiet is often as important as knowing when to play. Don’t rush your playing. When you’re truly invested in playing much like when you’re fully invested in living you will feel the urge to hurry along. Resist this urge remember the right note at the wrong time is as destructive as the wrong note at the right time


I was reminded this morning, while reading about how to Make Scary Big Stuff Happen by the very informative Men With Pens, of the importance of occasionally just putting your head down and grafting.

I’ve decided to celebrate ten as a an achievement after reading 9 First step Goals for New Bloggers. The time since I started this site has been extremely  busy and I’m very proud of having been able to get through all of it still standing and head high. This is my second incarnation of Monetize and this is a project I am quite sincere about. I would love nothing more than to add value to your lives. With this in Mind I’m taking my time working toward the milestones but most of all I’m having fun. It’s pretty clear when a writer is phoning it in. I started out writing for myself and in a very real way I still am. I write because it is something I love doing. I write because I believe that the power of words can transform lives. Up until now I’ve found that I run out of steam on my blogs at this stage. The help I’ve been getting through twitter and the blogs I’ve subscribed to leave me in awe at the ability the guys out there blogging for love and money and if anything I’m more energised than I was on day one. I feel myself annoyed when I need to tweak my layout and can’t spend time on my content.

Ten posts are only a drop in he ocean but if I’ve learnt anything so far it’s that despite the mental coaxing and the willpower calisthenics that my lazy brain sometimes requires when writing seems like hard work perhaps this is not the work for you. My blog is called Monetize and it’s only partly tongue in cheek. It’s about realizing, how much you earn is secondary to the legacy you create. When you spend the value you build in your life on others you will find the value return ten fold.

My Favourite Posts so far:

Having said all of that I would be no where without the help of my best friends who don’t know my name. The bloggers whose words I feed on daily and whose advice has helped me improve more than I dreamed in such a short time.

So here’s Darren Rowse’s list from www.problogger.net

  • Publish 10 Posts
  • Getting your first comment from someone you don’t know
  • Get your first link from another blog
  • Build your readership up to more than 20 readers a day
  • Hit a level of 20 RSS subscribers
  • Getting your blog indexed in Google
  • Get your blog earning $1 a week (update: only if making money from your blog is one of your goals – it’s not for everyone
  • First guest post on another blog
  • Having someone (not you or your mum) tweet about your blog
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